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About Couch Cleaning Services

Our expert technicians use fabric cleaners and couch stain removal products to give your furniture a longer life. Leave the cleaning to us, we’re the experts!

Couch Cleaning Services Miami

We specialize in sanitation that deodorizes your couches and lounge chairs with the best eco-friendly cleaning solutions available.
Our skilled technicians use environmentally conscious products, so you know your furniture is in the right hands. Delicate fabrics can be cleaned safely and swiftly with our high-powered system, even on soft surfaces.
Members of our team have been in this business for over 25 years. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable, allowing them to handle any of your cleaning needs.

our cleaning process

  1. Our technicians will inspect the couch and ask you about troublesome areas before cleaning it. We will match the best cleaning products for your couch.
  2. We will remove any accessories, and vacuum the body of the couch.
  3. We then spray your couch with the appropriate products to break-up stains by using gentle brushes along the fabric.
  4. Hot water extraction will be performed. Meaning, your couch will be sprayed with hot water at 100 PSI while at the same time being drained clean. In addition to removing stains, we will also remove hair, dirt, and grime with this process.
  5. We will also go over your couch cleaning in a post-cleaning inspection. We will show you any permanent stains or trouble spots.

What We Offer

 We aim to provide our customers with the best quality service possible.

Carpet Cleaning

Our steam-cleaning uses portable hot-water extraction machines. After preconditioning, hot water is diluted with our products such as deodorizer and soaked into your carpet while we vacuum the residue out.

Rug Cleaning

We remove all types of stains from your rug, using our hot-water extraction and vacuum services to remove the most difficult of stains. We tackle all types of issues that your rug may have.

Couch Cleaning

Our expert technicians use fabric cleaners and couch stain removal products to give your furniture a refurbished appearance . We’re the cleaning professionals so you can leave it all to us.

How It Works

Couch Cleaning Services in Miami, a leading couch and carpet cleaning company, takes deep steam cleaning and sanitation of carpets, mattresses, upholstery, and rugs to the next level.

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The furniture will be inspected thoroughly, and our staff will determine what needs to be done to achieve  the best results.


Site-based work

There will be no hidden costs, just a straight-forward, honest, and easy transaction.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

“Only these guys were able to give me the most reasonable price out of about eight carpet cleaners I contacted. They confirmed an appointment for the following Thursday with me on a Tuesday when I reached out to them for availability.”

-Jeremy H.

“Amazing people who deliver exceptional service. A person who takes pride in their work has a lot of joy in their work. This team is very detail-oriented, and they always want to help someone. Thank you for providing such an excellent service!”

-Israel G.

“Couch Cleaning Services based in Miami is awesome! I highly recommend them! Honest, quick, courteous. Getting one of those isn’t always easy.”

-Stephanie K.

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