Water-Fire Damage Restoration Services

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Water-Fire Damage Restoration Services

We offer 24/7 emergency restoration services, where our staff is here to assist you.

Water-Fire Damage Restoration Services Miami

It is frustrating when fire, smoke, or water damage occurs, and actions must be taken now to prevent more extensive damage and costly repairs in the future.

You can rely on Water Fire Damage Restoration Miami to help restore your property after fire or water damage. 

Our expert technicians at Couch Cleaning Services Miami know that fast action is crucial to preventing further damage, so they arrive prepared with the knowledge, tools, and technology you can count on.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Water Damage

It is crucial to respond to water damage within 48 hours to prevent long-term property damage. Carpet cleaners and regular vacuums are not enough to kill bacteria. Our specialized tools and technology need to be used to ensure that the carpet is completely dry.

Fire Restoration

Damage from fires are difficult because of toxic gases, smoldering ash, and electrical hazards. Improper cleaning techniques can worsen the damage of the situation. Heat, smoke, and water damage can be prevented from causing further damage with a timely, appropriate, professional reaction.

Mold Remediation

To prevent spores from spreading inadvertently and causing health issues, it is vital to contain dangerous molds. To prevent further proliferation it is also essential to identify and eliminate the source of moisture.

Our professional team can help you eliminate any spores or molds before any damage.

What We Offer

 We aim to provide our customers with the best quality service possible.

Carpet Cleaning

Our steam-cleaning uses portable hot-water extraction machines. After preconditioning, hot water is diluted with our products such as deodorizer and soaked into your carpet while we vacuum the residue out.

Rug Cleaning

We remove all types of stains from your rug, using our hot-water extraction and vacuum services to remove the most difficult of stains. We tackle all types of issues that your rug may have.

Couch Cleaning

Our expert technicians use fabric cleaners and couch stain removal products to give your furniture a refurbished appearance . We’re the cleaning professionals so you can leave it all to us.

How It Works

Couch Cleaning Services in Miami, a leading couch and carpet cleaning company, takes deep steam cleaning and sanitation of carpets, mattresses, upholstery, and rugs to the next level.

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We can be reached at  (786)692-0266 or by email at couchcleaningservicesmiami@gmail.com. We will be glad to assist you and answer any of your questions!



The furniture will be inspected thoroughly, and our staff will determine what needs to be done to achieve  the best results.


Site-based work

There will be no hidden costs, just a straight-forward, honest, and easy transaction.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

“Only these guys were able to give me the most reasonable price out of about eight carpet cleaners I contacted. They confirmed an appointment for the following Thursday with me on a Tuesday when I reached out to them for availability.”

-Jeremy H.

“Amazing people who deliver exceptional service. A person who takes pride in their work has a lot of joy in their work. This team is very detail-oriented, and they always want to help someone. Thank you for providing such an excellent service!”

-Israel G.

“Couch Cleaning Services based in Miami is awesome! I highly recommend them! Honest, quick, courteous. Getting one of those isn’t always easy.”

-Stephanie K.

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